We are delighted to announce that the Parliament’s People Awards shortlist has been revealed. These inspirational teams and individuals have shown dedication and commitment to supporting a thriving parliamentary democracy.

Please join us in congratulating and celebrating the achievements of the shortlisted teams and individuals and follow the conversation using the hashtag #ParliPeopleAwards.


The award recognises a staffer who currently works for a Member of Parliament with a constituency based in Northern Ireland, who has gone above and beyond. The Award is open to staffers working for any party, in either a Westminster or constituency office.

James Lawlor, Parliamentary and Constituency Assistant, Gavin Robinson MP

James is a Parliamentary and Constituency Assistant at the Office of Gavin Robinson MP.  He has become the go-to person for Immigration Advice, his kind and compassionate approach, diligent efficiency & determination has made him a hugely helpful resource across Northern Ireland.

Developing and maintaining an impressive relationship with UKVI, they value his approach and similarly, those within the legal sphere often draw upon knowledge and contacts. He ensures that those who need effective parliamentary representative receive a first-class service.

Following Operation Pitting and the allied withdrawal from Afghanistan, James has assisted around 100 Afghan Interpreters who were under threat as a result of their work. Similarly, since the beginning of the Ukraine War, James has assisted a large number of Ukrainian Families who have sought refuge in the UK. His dedicated research and diligence built up over the last five/six years has benefited scores of constituents.

Ruaidhrí Ó Donnell, Senior Political Adviser and Office Manager, Colum Eastwood MP

Ruaidhrí Ó Donnell is a Senior Political Adviser and Office Manager for Colum Eastwood MP, in the past year he has gone above and beyond in ensuring that throughout the ongoing cost of living crisis record numbers of constituents have been helped, which includes the most deprived areas in Northern Ireland.

Similarly, he supported in drafting an application to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee to nominate the Bloody Sunday families and help deliver the campaign to oppose the Government’s legacy plans, including organising a series of events in Parliament such as a performance of the play, The Crack in Everything.

In addition to this, he has been working across parties on efforts to save their local radio station Radio Foyle from BBC cuts, to ensure delivery on commitments are made. Ruaidhri has a well-developed network of Parliamentary contacts, and engages with other parties on business to ensure a seamless running of procedural and legislative matters.

The award recognises a staffer who currently works for a Member of Parliament with a constituency based in Scotland, who has gone above and beyond. The Award is open to staffers working for any party, in either a Westminster or constituency office.

Kathryn Sturgeon, Senior Researcher, Wendy Chamberlain MP

Kathryn Sturgeon is a Senior Researcher for Wendy Chamberlain MP. Kathryn works with Wendy across a range of campaigns, including DWP reforms, improving standards in Parliament, and supporting constituents. She works both on policy issues and coordinating between constituents, stakeholders and the clerks. This is particularly true in the case of Wendy’s Carer’s Leave Bill, the SO24 debate in November 2021 relating to Owen Paterson, and a standing order change preventing Members voting on their own disciplinary motions.

Kathryn also closely works with several APPGs: supporting their inquiry work, liaising cross party and with stakeholders, and ensuring compliance with parliamentary rules. Kathryn’s work is absolutely second to none. So many people have benefited from Kathryn’s works: the Carer’s Leave Bill alone will help an estimated 2.4 million people. Wendy states that Kathryn is indispensable and would not have achieved parliamentary successes without her and that she thoroughly deserves to be recognised.

Sally Donald, Senior Engagement Officer, Drew Hendry MP

Sally Donald is a Senior Engagement Officer. She is a dedicated and hard-working member of the team and continuously goes above and beyond to excel in her role. She is deeply committed to fairness, justice and equality and this shows through her work within the team, and her wider commitment to making politics a safer space for women. Sallys work in setting up a Women’s Network for Westminster staff is exemplar of this. The Women’s Network is a cross-party network for women and non-binary staff to connect, network and build friendships, and will make a huge difference to the lives of women working at Westminster.


Sally works closely with Lydia from the Members Services Team to ensure this network will be accessible to all women working for MPs or political parties at Westminster. There is no doubt that the network will go a long way in addressing the need for more support for women working in politics. Women working across the political divide in members offices will benefit from this fantastic initiative.

Sameeha Rehman, Office Manager, Steven Bonnar MP

Sameeha Rehman is the Office manager for Steven Bonnar MP. She truly deserves recognition for her work over the past few years in Coatbridge. She works tirelessly to produce outstanding outcomes for the constituents. She has not only attempted to handle the majority of the issues raised by constituents, but she has also expressed a desire to improve their outcomes.


Sameha has identified that children particularly those from underprivileged households, do not receive adequate support in the educational system. These issues are frequently neglected rather than being addressed. She wants every child, regardless of their circumstance to leave school with a set of basic life skills, as well as the confidence and resolve to pursue whatever educational or career route they desire. Sameha envisioned starting a social enterprise named Ubuntu as a way to alleviate this disparity. 


Her dedication to voluntarily offer her time and effort to create such an initiative whilst still assisting the member to remain outstanding with his speeches is an achievement on its own.

The award recognises a staffer who currently works for a Member of Parliament with a constituency based in Wales, who has gone above and beyond. The Award is open to staffers working for any party, in either a Westminster or constituency office.

Honor Miller, Senior Parliamentary Researcher, Anna McMorrin MP

Honor Miller is a Senior Parliamentary Researcher for Anna McMorrin. She has shown herself to be extremely committed and dedicated to the role. Honor maintains a very close working relationship with the team, always going the extra mile to ensure everyone benefits from her research and role. She has shown how quick thinking and hardworking she is by grasping some very difficult issues, particularly when it came to the victims bill, she worked out of hours to build an understanding of the needs of victims and deliver legislative proposals and advice.


Honor worked closely with stakeholders and victims to build a deep understanding of the issues. Showing incredible empathy whilst handling sensitive cases with great care when reaching out to survivors and victims of serious sexual abuse and violence. Honor has put in extra time and effort to ensure that people’s experiences are used to form a body of evidence that creates progressive policies. Constituents and people up and down the country who have struggled with the justice system have benefited from Honor’s hard work.

Laurie Sutcliffe, Parliamentary Assistant, Alex Davies-Jones MP

Laurie Sutcliffe is a Parliamentary Assistant for Alex Davies-Jones MP. Laurie has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of constituents in Pontypridd, and the forgotten former coalfield communities across Britain. Laurie has been the lead contact with the Coalfield Communities APPG, which works to highlight the issues still facing these communities who are often overlooked by Westminster and Whitehall. By building strong and positive relationships with the Coalfields Regeneration Trust and the Industrial Communities Alliance, he has proved himself to be invaluable.

Laurie has acted as a trusted advisor and friend to both external partners supporting the Coalfields Regeneration Trust in the organisation of their Parliamentary reception in November 2022. He supported the Industrial Communities Alliance with the inquiry they led as Secretariat for the APPG, into Levelling Up Former Coalfield Communities. Laurie has been diligent and dedicated to improving their lives, and has proved himself to be knowledgeable, passionate and friendly to work with. He is a real asset to Parliament and has played a critical role in which will soon deliver direct and tangible benefits as a whole.

Bethan Davies, Chief of Staff, Virginia Crosbie MP

Bethan Davies is the Chief of Staff for Virginia Crosbie MP in Ynys Môn. Bethan is working hard to improve democracy on the island. She has taken it upon herself to encourage women from a variety of backgrounds to come forward and take a role in local democracy. Bethan is one of the smartest and most hardworking people Virginia knows. She is loyal, reliable and a great team player, being exceptionally well organised, and always finding a solution to every problem. She is adored and respected by every member of the team.

The office has completed over 15,000 pieces of casework since 2020 under Bethan’s guidance. Thousands of people have benefitted from Bethan’s work, which has also helped to bring hundreds of new jobs to the island. With no background in politics, Bethan has had to learn new concepts and processes from IPSA to the PRU to caseworker. Virginia states that with Bethan by her side she can do so much more for the island, with the future looking bright. Her outstanding hard work and achievements are acknowledged publicly in Ynys Môn.

The award recognises a staffer who currently works for a Member of Parliament with a constituency based in London, who has gone above and beyond. The Award is open to staffers working for any party, in either a Westminster or constituency office.

Clara Gisoldo, Senior Researcher, Dame Margaret Hodge MP and the All-Party Parliamentary Group on AntiCorruption and Responsible Tax

Clara Gisoldo is a Senior Researcher for Dame Margaret Hodge MP. Clara has supported thriving Parliamentary democracy throughout her time, supporting crucial work on the very active All Party Parliamentary Group on anti-corruption and responsible tax.


Clara has prepared briefs, speeches and extensive research on topics ranging from fraud, corruption, and most recently supporting work on the Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency Bill, which just passed its third reading. Economic crime costs the UK economy £290bn a year, Clara has dedicated her working life to solving this issue, working exceptionally hard, she has hand delivered letters to 650 MPs explaining Margaret’s aims and agendas and created cross-party efforts and coordination to achieve this.


The entire UK public will benefit from this, money lost to economic crime is money that is not spent on public services, from schools, the NHS, local governments, social care. Any efforts to clamp down on this issue which gets little acknowledgement is heroic.

Jordan Eagle, Community Engagement Officer, Tulip Siddiq MP

Jordan Eagle is a Community Engagement Officer for Tulip Siddiq MP. Her work has been pivotal in improving the lives of people across Hampstead and Kilburn. Whether it’s helping to free constituents from illegal detainment in Iran or saving local bus routes. She has fought tirelessly and worked with local residents’ groups to help elderly and disabled constituents.


Jordan has championed small businesses, leading the successful effort for the Hampstead Antique and Craft Emporium to gain Asset of Community Value status and has helped to build strong relationships with local communities, businesses, and public service staff. Her genuine commitment to improving the lives of our constituents leads to her success in her community engagement. Not only is she grounded and thoughtful, but also an excellent relationship-builder, consulting communities and organisations. Jorden’s work has had a massive impact, being engaging, kind, thoughtful, and driven, we should all seek to follow her example.

Jessica England, Senior Caseworker, Stella Creasy MP

Jessica England is a Caseworker for Stella Creasy MP. She has been an integral part of the team for nearly nine years and is extremely knowledgeable, competent, and compassionate. She manages a varied and complex caseload. Taking on Walthamstow’s most challenging cases, she ensures constituents feel heard, manages expectations, and works with them to identify the best course of action. Jessica will keep looking for solutions and it is this persistence that has led to the most amazing outcomes.

A recent example of Jessica’s transformative casework involved a local family in a desperate situation. They were in chronically overcrowded and insecure accommodation whilst managing complex health and immigration issues. Jessica worked alongside several organisations to advocate for this family. Following months of relentless work, the family finally found stability and are accessing the healthcare, housing, and benefits they so urgently required. 

This case is just one of the many daily examples of Jessica’s committed and persistent casework. She is a credit to Stella and the people of Walthamstow are lucky to have her fighting on their side.

The award recognises a staffer who currently works for a Member of Parliament with a constituency based in Northern England, who has gone above and beyond. The Award is open to staffers working for any party, in either a Westminster or constituency office.

Andrew Mitchell, Senior Researcher, Julie Elliott MP

Andrew Mitchell is a Senior Researcher for Julie Elliott MP. He currently co-runs the Labour Party mixed-gender staff football team, intended to be an inclusive, safe environment to combat the stresses of working in Westminster politics. He has hugely contributed on issues relating to Women’s Sport and pushed for the DCMS Select Committee to hold an inquiry into Women’s Sport which launched in 2023. Following the events at the Stade de France in Paris, Andrew successfully worked hard in petitioning via Julie for the DCMS Select Committee, to launch an inquiry into Safety at Major Sporting Events.


Andrew coordinated and led on securing a Westminster Hall debate about women’s football, ensuring extensive coverage in the media by petitioning journalists. His focus has extended beyond the professional world, for example Andrew has helped set up a tour to host the Afghan Women’s Development Team alongside Amnesty UK in Parliament, with whom he continues to work closely. He has successfully raised the profile of Parliamentarians within women’s sport governance and campaigning, while equally ensuring important issues surrounding women’s sport are raised to policy makers.

Eve Phelan, Senior Caseworker, Justin Madders MP

Eve Phelan is a Senior Caseworker for Justin Madders MP. Eve has become invaluable in ensuring that constituents problems receive a timely and appropriate response. Her experience from the Citizens Advice Bureau has proved to be instrumental in helping residents resolve complex issues. Eve’s workload is phenomenal, she ensures a smooth running of casework within the office. She has created 30,887 individual cases, sending over 80,800 emails and almost 9,000 letters, which is an incredible volume of output for one person.


Eve has also diversified, by taking on some of the policy work necessary to further the requests from constituents and local organisations. Being highly proficient at identifying trends in casework to raise matters in Parliament. Such as issues with the way the DWP works with people suffering from long covid leading to a number of meetings with relevant public sector bodies and advice agencies, where we can drive policy change through real life examples. Over 30,000 individual constituents have benefitted from Eve’s hard work and many more have across the country thanks to the way she has identified policy flaws across departments.

Keith Chapman, Senior Caseworker, Kate Osborne MP

Keith Chapman is a Senior Caseworker for Kate Osborne MP. Keith provides incredible support to constituents on a daily basis. An incident from last year that stands out in Kate’s mind, which she thinks about it every day, is getting a call from a distressed constituent, who was crying uncontrollably regarding her partners severe mental health crisis. Keith acted immediately, showing enormous amounts of empathy and was on the phone dealing with it and passing on key messages. Without Keith calling the constituent for further details, Kate is confident the constituent would not be here today, by acting quickly and by using his initiative by not panicking and being a very good listener, Keith helped the family and friends of the distressed caller and her partner. It was a truly awful situation which was sorted thanks to Keith and the team.

The award recognises a staffer who currently works for a Member of Parliament with a constituency based in Central England, who has gone above and beyond. The Award is open to staffers working for any party, in either a Westminster or constituency office.

Katie Plant, Office Manager, Tamworth Constituency

Katie Plant is an Office Manager in Tamworth constituency. Within the office, she provides support for all staff in what has been an exceptionally difficult year. Kate has been participating in a befriending project since the pandemic and continues it today, regularly calling lonely and isolated residents to check in on how they are managing and is a local brownie leader. Her campaigns have helped kickstart to identify defibrillators around the constituency and encourage others to invest in more for their buildings. Kate has achieved all this through tenacity, dedication, and consistency. Her work has benefitted all the local residents but particularly the older and isolated.

Sue Hidderley-Burton, Office Manager, Pauline Latham OBE MP

Sue Hidderley-Burton is the Office Manager for Pauline Latham MP. She is committed to her role in managing a busy constituency office, supporting, and ensuring that Pauline’s goals and priorities are always met to serve their constituents.

Sue was instrumental in organising a community ‘Jubilee Street Party’ for the residents in Mid-Derbyshire, she is passionate about connecting people with each other to prevent loneliness and encourage new friendships. A planning committee was formed, and Sue hosted regular meetings at her house, she was vital in co-ordinating the planning which ranged from liaising with the local council to facilitate a street closure, and completing risk assessments to ensure health, safety and security were covered.

The local community in Mid-Derbyshire, especially the elderly residents, have benefitted immensely from Sue’s commitment. Due to the overwhelming success of the street party, Sue plans to organise future events and will continue to bring the community together for the King’s Coronation, later this year.

John Manners, Caseworker, Brendan Clarke-Smith MP

John Manners is a Caseworker for Brendan Clarke-Smith MP in Bassetlaw. John has been nominated for the phenomenal work he did with the Ukrainian refugee cases. Brendan’s office received a high number of cases, and John was tasked with supporting both the Ukrainian applicant and the sponsor through the process of seeking refuge in the UK. He successfully achieved this through regular communications with both the family and sponsor throughout the process. John was constantly working extra hours whilst on the phone with the Home Office. From his actions the Ukrainian refugees have massively benefited from his work.

The award recognises a staffer who currently works for a Member of Parliament with a constituency based in the South of England, excluding London, who has gone above and beyond. The Award is open to staffers working for any party, in either a Westminster or constituency office.

David Goss, Chief of Staff, Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP

David Goss is the Chief of Staff for the Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox, MP for North Somerset.  He has been described as a loyal, and hardworking member of staff, that has gone above and beyond. David was instrumental in ensuring Dr Liam Fox’s Private Members’ Bill, now the Down Syndrome Act, passed into law in 2022. Thanks to his determination and perseverance, they were able to achieve such a successful result. The Down Syndrome Act is a ground-breaking piece of legislation which is the first of its kind anywhere in the world. David’s role in this was more than just significant. The Act places statutory duties on the Secretary of State, it will benefit people with Down Syndrome and their families to ensure they get the services they require. David has worked for Dr Fox for nine years including as his Special Adviser at the Department for International Trade and was the Campaign Manager for the WTO Director-General UK Government Nominee Campaign in 2020.

Matthew Boughton, Office Manager, Tom Tugendhat MP

Matt Boughton is the Office Manager for Tom Tugendhat MP. He has a superb understanding of what matters to local people, enabling him to represent residents in an effective way. Matt has committed his time to deliver positive results in bringing forward Tony’s Law which passed in 2022. This vital piece of legislation allows for stricter sentences for those who cause or allow serious injury or death to a child.


Matt worked very closely with Tony’s family and supported Tom in understanding a niche area of policy, identifying areas of legislation which they believed offered the best chance of success. He worked locally to enhance the topic surrounding prison sentences which really helped to facilitate debate and scrutiny in relation to the campaign, including organising petitions which were presented on the floor of the House. Involving residents in Parliamentary decision making helped foster a stronger democracy and political involvement in the local community. Matt was an instrumental part of the campaign which helped to protect the lives of so many children, not only in Tonbridge and Malling, but across the UK.

The award recognises a staffer who currently works for a Select Committee, in the House of Commons or the House of Lords, who has gone above and beyond.

Chloe Cockett, Senior Specialist, Women and Equalities Committee

Chloë Cockett is a Senior Specialist for Women and Equalities Committee (WEC). Chloë enjoys helping others and ensures they always feel comfortable asking for help. She makes every team member feel valued, and consistently makes an effort to be available to help everyone. Being very friendly, approachable and affable, people enjoy working with her. By contributing to a great team dynamic, she ensures they can all work as efficiently as possible.

In WEC, She has supported in everything from writing briefs, organising and chairing catch-up meetings between specialists within the home affairs cluster, WEC and specialist advisors. This helps keep them connected and achieve efficiencies by sharing experiences and expertise. This has been crucial to gain insight about live inquiries since both of them have a legal grounding. Everyone working in WEC, the Members of the Committee and all the specialists having benefitted from Chloë’s amazing work.

Chloe Jago, Senior Media and Communications Officer, Select Committee Team, Environmental Audit, Welsh Affairs and Scottish Affairs

Chloe Jago is a Senior Media and Communications officer for the Environmental Audit Committee. She provides a consistently superb service to the Committee in communicating its work to the press and to the public, improving levels of trust in parliamentary institutions. Chloe provides an exemplary press and media service to the Committee chair, members, and team.

Chloe has achieved the trust and respect through diligent hard work, exceptional connections to sector journalists, a superb sense for a media angle on Committee activities, creative and innovative thinking, daily preparation of comprehensive media summaries, skilled drafting, and a genuine dedication to doing the best job she can. The Committee has benefitted from her work, which has ensured consistently accurate and positive media coverage of its core task of holding the Government to account for its environmental policies.

Ben Rayner, Second clerk, Public Accounts Committee

Ben Rayner is a Second clerk for the Public Accounts Committee. He has built on existing systems to improve how members interact with the administrative side of being on a committee by streamlining report agreement and managing witnesses and scheduling sessions. Ben is known to be highly efficient and is trusted by all the members.

Ben has worked to ensure the committee keeps better track of recommendations and government responses. This is ground-breaking work internationally and many other PACs around the world are seeking to learn from the UK PAC.

Ben has enhanced the committee’s systems, so it is clear, simple and streamlined so that deadlines are met, he has introduced a tighter and clearer system for clearing the high number of reports, ensuring all members are involved and supported. The Chair, Deputy Chair and committee members as well as the two committee clerks he has worked with and the Commonwealth PACs have all benefitted from Ben’s terrific work.

Parliament relies on the work of thousands of members of staff working across the House of Commons, House of Lords, and Parliamentary Digital Service to help towards the smooth running of Parliament. This Award recognises a team that has gone above and beyond.

Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe Team

The Parliamentary Assembly Council of Europe Team received multiple nominations – after the UK’s departure from the European Union the UK’s membership of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg has taken on an enhanced level of importance in assisting UK foreign policy and diplomacy. The Council of Europe is comprised of the Committee of Ministers, the Parliamentary Assembly (PACE) and the European Court of Human Rights.

The UK is one of the Council of Europe’s “grand payeurs”, which results in the UK having a 36-strong PACE Delegation of parliamentarians from both Houses. The PACE Delegation is a diverse group including newly-appointed as well as highly experienced members. Nick Wright and his team manage every facet of the administration which is required to make this complex annual programme run smoothly. The team are skilled at judging what individual level of help and support may be most appropriate and best received.

House of Lords, Committees Scrutiny Unit

The House of Lords Committees Scrutiny Unit was established to meet the challenge of new demands for committee-led scrutiny work. Over the past year, the Scrutiny Unit has designed and delivered a new staffing model that provides ongoing staff resource to six select committees and flexible support to a further 15 committees.

Going above and beyond its initial mandate, the Unit also took on responsibility for the Lords staffing of all joint committee work. It has worked closely and collaboratively with House of Commons counterparts to successfully deliver complex and high-profile joint committee inquiries, such as on the Draft Online Safety Bill and recently the Draft Mental Health Bill. 

The Committees Scrutiny Unit can be found organising public evidence sessions, planning visits, scrutinising draft legislation and preparing committee reports across a vast range of topics. It has quickly won the confidence of members and staff and become an invaluable resource for select committees.        

Black Rod’s Office

Black Rod’s Office have dealt with unprecedented challenges, with little notice and in the glare of global scrutiny. The whole team have risen to these challenges with professionalism and courtesy. Team members have gone above and beyond their usual ways of working to support not only members, but staff and members of the public to participate in the momentous constitutional events around the change of monarch.

Black Rod’s office mobilised very quickly and worked tirelessly between the death of Queen Elizabeth until after the state funeral to implement the extensive plans for the lying in state and other activities and coordinate the extraordinary efforts of hundreds of staff and volunteers across the Houses of Parliament. Working round the clock, they were able to answer queries, and liaise with outside organisations and manage the hitches that occurred along the way. People all around the UK and internationally have benefitted from the amazing work done by Black Rod’s office.

Parliament relies on the work of thousands of members of staff working across the House of Commons, House of Lords, and Parliamentary Digital Service to help towards the smooth running of Parliament. This Award recognises a team that has gone above and beyond.

Nafisa Kiani, Project Support Officer, Strategic Estates

Nafisa Kiani is a Project Support Officer for Strategic Estates. She recently edited a handbook on operation marquee to ensure the Queen’s lying in state runs smoothly. Nafisa has been advocating for her Muslim colleagues immensely, with colleagues saying that the workplace can be more accommodating, she delivered a presentation to increase awareness, stating what measures can be implemented for better inclusivity during Ramadan. She suggested having prayer rooms, introducing 15-minute comfort breaks, and holding meetings during afternoons to improve work productivity. Managers agreed to implement these measures which made Muslim staff feel valued and improved work productivity.

Nafisa created a handbook on policies and procedures for staff when working for the serjeant at arms. She created a webpage for schools to apply for educational resources to improve ways of working and to engage schools with low levels of engagement towards politics to get a better understanding of how parliament works. All Parliamentary staff and the public have benefited from Nafisa’s tremendous work.

Philip Howse, Principal Doorkeeper, Chamber and Participation

Philip Howse is Principal Doorkeeper for the Chamber and Participation. He leads a staff of 34 senior doorkeepers and three Deputy Principals within the House of Commons. Phil has overcome some difficult and testing moments this past year, most recently the lying in State of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. He worked tirelessly, managing two teams that covered two 12-hour shifts, some staff Members had child care issues so Phil adapted the roster to avoid family welfare concerns and kept a close eye on the team to ensure they were supported. Phil has faced other high-profile events such as, The Ukraine President’s address and the State opening of Parliament.

Phil takes pride in his role, with this year being very challenging with some unprecedented events, he has tackled each task with his unique flair. His unique position is responsible for the smooth running of the Chamber that manages over 600 Members. Members of Parliament, House staff, Members of the Public have all benefitted from Phil’s hard work.

Chloe Mawson, Clerk Assistant, Clerk of Parliaments

Chloe Mawson is Clerk Assistant in the Lords. The first woman to hold this position in its 400 year history. Chloe is a champion of gender equality and closing the gender pay gap in the Lords. She is an active board level champion for ParliGENDER. She has been instrumental in improving the processes to transform the House’s response to bullying and harassment, supporting the establishment of the Conduct Committee and new complaints and grievance procedures. 


Chloe leads the Parliamentary Services teams to deliver excellent services to support members’ scrutiny work. She was significantly involved in the transition to hybrid proceedings during the pandemic, designing the procedures the House operated under and overseeing delivery of PeerHub, a remote voting system. She is passionate about opening-up procedural careers to a wider range of colleagues and launched a popular weekly seminar on business in the Chamber. Chloe has an open-door policy and makes time for everyone. 

The award recognises an individual or team who has shown outstanding dedication and commitment to help make the House of Lords a better place and will be chosen by the Lord Speaker and there is no shortlist for this award.

The award recognises an individual or team who has shown outstanding dedication and commitment to help make the House of Commons a better place and will be chosen by the Speaker and there is no shortlist for this award.

The Winner of this award will be chosen by the Judges from the winners of all the above-mentioned categories and will be declared the overall winner! There is no shortlist for this award.